Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Perfect World B-boy Association

This videos gives an amazing snapshot, of where the bboy community currently stands, and what he believes needs to be done, for the culture to evolve.

World renowned, Bboy Dyzee (Supernaturalz Crew), has recently uploaded this video to his main youtube account, DyzeeSupernaturalzzz.

In this video, Dyzee speaks about implementing grand-scale renovations to the bboy community. Many might laugh, and consider this as a joke. HOWEVER, Bboy Dyzee, previously created a similar system for more structured judging in battles. That system is now used in huge International Bboy Championships, such as R-16 Korea.

He raises many great points, but do you believe his method is the 'correct' way of going about this? Is the integrity of the community compromised at all, when put in this sort of organized system? Please share your thoughts.