Monday, July 4, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "R16 Korea"

Finally, we have our first episode coming all the way from Korea! This past weekend was the annual R-16 World Bboy Championships. Out of all the international crews from China, Japan, Russia, France, and USA, Jinjo Crew (Korea) took 1st Place, for the second year in a row! Click, here to visit R16KOREA's official Youtube page for all videos of showcases, crew battles, and 1v1 battles.

Out of all-star bboys, including Thesis (USA), Pocket (Korea), Lil G (Venezuela), Lil Amok (Germany) and more, Bboy Taisuke (Japan) won the 1v1 R-16 Championships. Big ups!

Here is the showcase of two-time champions, Jinjo Crew (Korea). Check out all the other videos, too!
Thanks to Youtube user, DirtfaceX (aka Blogger, DirtFaceX) for the video link!

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