Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What questions would you like us to ask the crews?

Chris Trondsen and various ABDC alums will be interviewing crews backstage at tapings of America's Best Dance Crew this season. Many of you sent us questions at the beginning of the season, and Chris (and other media outlets like Pacific Rim) have asked those intro questions to help you 'meet the crews'. Now that you've met them, what else would you like to learn about them?  Chris wants some new and fresh questions that will interest/amuse/intrigue the crews and the audience alike!

Leave a comment on some questions you'd like to have answered or some challenges you'd like to issue the crews and the judges, either in general or for specific crews/people.  If we use your question, we'll give you credit of course! And, this will be part of a master list; even if we don't use your question this week, it might get asked at the next taping. Thanks!