Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review of ABDC's Katy Perry Challenge by JustAnABDCFan

 Hey there!  I know, you’re probably thinking right now, who’s this guy?  Isn’t he that random dude on the boards that just posts long messages?  The answer to that question is…well, yes, you’re right.  Beyond that, however, I’m a very big America’s Best Dance Crew fan, and I really appreciate what this show does for crews, for fans, and most importantly, for dance.  But you’re wondering what qualifications I have to be reviewing dancers and crews to begin with aren’t you?  INTRODUCTION TIME IT IS.

Hi!  My name is Michael, but I go by JustAnABDCFan on the boards here at BABDC because quite frankly I am.  I’m not superior to anyone, I’m no better than the next guy (or girl), and I don’t want to seem like I put myself on some sort of pedestal.  I really enjoy being humble, and that’s how it is.  Technicality wise, I’m a dancer and I am currently pursuing it as my primary career (while still focusing on an English degree, because this economy sucks).  I’ve been a bboy for around 3 and a half-ish years now, and I guess you could say I was “trained from the streets”…more like the suburbs (JOKE, LAUGH).  I pop, lock, tut, and do everything in between.  I am also trained and am currently still being trained in ballet, and I dabble in contemporary and have been trained competitively in ballroom as well—but that was years ago.  Suffice to say, dance is my life and my passion.
Any who, enough about me, and more about ABDC!  Click here to read rating criteria and full review.