Sunday, August 29, 2010

Video trailer: Ninjaboi casts his ideal but realistic ABDC Season 6 -- what do you think?

Still no concrete news about America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 from MTV or the show's producers. So in the meantime, Ninjaboi is doing his part to fill the gap by creating a scenario and trailer for how he'd do it. Unlike Brandon's equally excellent job in imagining an ABDC All-Star season, Ninjaboi selected crews that haven't yet appeared on ABDC but could realistically expect to be cast. His picks: Instant Noodles, Elektrolytes, Sweet and Sour, Marvelous Motion, Xternal Technique, Second 2 None, Phunk Phenomenon, Ridonkulous, and Point Blank. As we've come to expect from Ninaboi, he has carefully thought out the picks, provided rationales for all and even prepared slogans to describe each  (Heaven help me -- I can even hear Mario saying these!):

"So some of you may question why I picked the crews I did for the lineup...First, I’m assuming that the producers will go ahead and continue the “Regions” division as they have been doing, simply because the West Coast is still dominating, so they want to make sure that that subplot story line is still going on.  Some may not like it, but I’m going for a more realistic lineup with crews that I know.  That means that crews that have said that they will not audition again (BreakEFX, Lost Kidz) are not considered.  Also, crews must fit regulations (minimum of 5 members), and historically crews that have members from previous seasons rarely get past auditions, so I’m not considering those crews either (i.e., Beast Mode)." 
 Click here to read the rest -- you'll be glad you did! And, thanks Ninjaboi!