Monday, August 30, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Week 7 answer: Boxcuttuhz dancing to 'Bonafied Lovin'

The Master Mix clip was down to 5 seconds this week, but it fooled nobody. All of the 92 submitted entries got the right answer: Boxcuttuhz dancing to 'Bonafied Lovin' during America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. We also accepted 'Music Sounds Better with You' and 'Night to Fall' which were heard in the 5 second clip.  FYI -- each week, we'll accept the song name that Mario Lopez announced on America's Best Dance Crew, so you don't HAVE to seek out the name of the song actually heard in the shorter clip!  Here's the clue again, followed by the full routine. This contest and its videos were conceived and created by Dirtface X -- Thanks!! And, come back tomorrow for the next installment.