Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UPDATE on the BABDC Collab!

From Isaac aka iSik:
For those wondering what happened to the BABDC Collab, it is still happening. We have all of our video clips from our users and are almost ready for release! The thing that has kinda delayed the release is our special guests who will be a part of the video.

We plan to release on June 18th but if it isn't up by then please have faith and wait out a little.
Thank you for those who still have the vid in your thoughts! You won't be disappointed by some of your BABDC peers! So raise the HYPE , make some NOYZE, and look out for this BLUEPRINT of coolness.

BABDC Collab! Coming to a Youtube near you! Feat. Kid Bowser, Austin, and other BABDC regulars and 3 SPECIAL GUESTS FROM ABDC!