Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maryss & Rino (Beat Freaks, GeminiZ) at E3 Expo dancing to 'Beat It' (high quality video)

E3 Expo (The huge electronics/gaming event) E3 is currently going on now. At the Ubisoft press conference,R Rino and Maryss (from Beat Freaks and GeminiZ) danced with the "This is It" dancers to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" to introduce a new video game. Below is a video of the dance (highest quality since it's from Ubisoft).

Here is the official video of the full press conference. The actual conference starts at 01:23:10 (lots of blank space for you to skip). It's choppy but redeems itself by using Joel McHale as the opening spokesman and showing clips of a lot of new games. The Michael Jackson segment is at the end at 02:49:30.

According to the LA Times: "The untitled game, which is scheduled to come out this year, will allow players to learn and copy some of Jackson's most famous dance moves, as well as sing along as they already do in games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour." Thanks to Jay and to TheBeatFreaks.com for all the info and links.