Saturday, May 29, 2010

Videos: Top dancers on European TV competitions: Robot Boys (Denmark), Twisted Feet (Sweden), Tobias Mead (UK)

While America's Best Dance Crew is on hiatus, let's catch up on non-U.S. TV dance shows that featured major hip hop talent. Three examples sent to us by Robban: Robot Boys' 2008 appearance on Talent 2008 Denmark, Twisted Feet on Sweden's Got Talent 2010 (who will appear at Hip Hop International 2010 in Las Vegas this summer), and Tobias Mead in the current season of Britain's Got Talent. Leave a comment if you want to share outstanding performances from other non-US TV dance/talent competitions. And thanks, Robban!

Here's Robot Boys. Click here to watch Twisted Feet and Tobias Mead.