Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dumbo (Poreotix) workshop at Boogiezone NJ - report (with video) from Chris Bata

Chris Bata attended  Poreotix member Dumbo's workshop at Boogiezone on May 28, and sent this report:
Dumbo's Boogiezone class had a HUGE turnout, more than they really expected. And it was unfortunate that we were placed in the SMALLER ballroom for that class. The intense heat that accumulated in the room couldn't stop the students in the class. Their energy was absolutely amazing. Nothing compared to Law and Dumbo though. Great teachers by the way. They taught a rather fast and fun routine to the song Bulletproof by LaRoux. You could tell how focused they were, yet at the same time, they let the students know they were having fun in a way that made us do the same. To anyone on who claims they were intimidated by Law and Dumbo (due to the seriousness of their answers), DON'T BE. We had the chance to meet them afterwards. We posed for pictures with them. And even got the chance to chat a little bit with them. Guys, I strongly encourage you to take a class with them, even just once. I hope to take classes with them again in the future. There was no word on who will be the next Boogiezone NJ class instructor, though, so sorry, I have no spoilers there. Until next time!  

Here's the video from his christ0ph3rB Youtube Channel. Click here to see his photos. Thanks Chris!