Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mailbox: Korean popstar shoutout to SoReal Cru Andrew, ICONic GEO website, Jungle Boogie

  • Korean pop superstar Jay Park Beom has a shoutout to SoReal Cru's Andrew Baterina at 4:50 in this Stirfry TV video,. Thanks for the link, Georgie!
  • ICONic leader GEO (from ABDC Season 1) has launched a new website: GEO blogs about his work and his dance. From GEO: "I want to create a space where artists can set goals following a positive example. If they're a dancer they can make it a career and a business by taking on the lifestyle of being ICONic and putting it in motion, like I did...It's time for the Be ICONic motto to make its way into the industry."
  • Jungle Boogie will be featured performers at the National Talent Search show in Atlanta on June 11. has the details, including a special section for dance crews who want to compete in the regional competitions across the US