Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ninjaboi's detailed review of ABDC8 Premiere - who rates this week? #abdc

In three years, a lot of things can change. Crew break up and reform, People start school and graduate and find new jobs.  But even after all this time, some things still stay the same. And that is that if there is a new episode of America’s Best Dance Crew, Ninjaboi will return with this rankings.  

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Ninjaboi, a long time community member of the BBDC crew. I helped moderate the site for a while, and contributed weekly reviews of each episode using a numerical ranking system.  For those of you who do know, welcome back, good to see you again. Hope you’ve been doing well.  

Before we jump in, just a disclaimer that these opinions reflect my personal subjective opinion of the routines and should not be reviewed as gospel truth. Facts are, I’m just some guy who likes trying to frame things in a numerical manner to make sense of the world.  While I do have some dance experience, mostly at the college bboy crew level (though I’ve been exposed to and at least dabbled in many styles), I would by no means dare to presume that I am a more skilled dancer than any of the dancers of this crew, and admire all they do with regard to dance. 

Click here to read how Ninjaboi rates each of the six crews on Choreography/Foundation/technique, Blow ups/moments, Transitions/composition, and Dynamics/Execution. Spoiler alert: Ninjaboi's ratings agree with the ABDC judges on the Top 3 crews and the bottom crew this week; but read this to better understand WHY. Thanks Ninjaboi!