Monday, August 31, 2015

ABDC finale recaps including concept for Champions vs Challengers season! #abdc

LA Times briefly recaps the finale, then talks to America's Best Dance Crew produces and this season's three finalists on their thoughts for a new season. I like Jane Mun (showrunner for ABDC) has a concept for a Champions vs Challengers season: "Think 'Enter the Dragon' where Bruce Lee entered different floors and had to beat out his opponents in each level to make it to the next round. Knowing the caliber of the dance crews out there now, Crews versus Champions can be a new exciting season."

Entertainment Weekly describes the positives about the dancing performed by each of the three finalist crews, notes how Jason Dundas filled at least half the hour with 'heavy silences' and says that  "it was the true returning All-Star team that claimed the title once more."