Monday, December 2, 2013

Watch mL: theSHOW 2013 in its entirety right now!

Head on over to MovementLifestyle right now and you can watch the entire production, theSHOW, from this year. "It was a great way to end our 3rd season of theTOUR."  Below was the final performance of the night by Quick Crew.  But if you want to watch the entire show in order, head to MovementLifestyle.
Movement Lifestyle Workstudies - Brandon Dumlao - Tamara Levinson-Campos - Hollywood - Erica Sobol - Isaac Tualaulelei - Amanda Grind - Frenemies

Team Japan - Brian & Scott Nicholson - Mykell Wilson - Jose "Boyboi" Tena - JekaJane - Kyle Hanagami

Miguel Zarate - Jillian Meyers & Megan Lawson - Andye J - Jan Funky - Baby Boogaloo - Koharu - Dana Foglia - Parris Goebel - Daniel "Cloud" Campos - Quick Crew