Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Video: Elecoldxhot (Malaysia) Performance from HHI '13

This is my favorite story of HHI...  Usually, when a crew is introduced at Worlds, most (if not all) the cheering and applause for that crew would come from friends and family of those dancers or at least their fellow country-men.  But that wasn't the case with Malaysia's Elecoldxhot- when these guys were introduced in the Preliminaries, NO ONE had a clue who they were.  I believe they were the only crew representing Malaysia.  In fact, they got so much of a 'dead reaction', the host (Mookie) somewhat yelled at the audience, commanding us to show some love to Malaysia.... Then they performed their set and received a ROARING ovation from the crowd.  The entire ballroom erupted! What truly made that performance special was that it totally turned the mood of that room upside down.  Besides the clean choreography, it was just fun and refreshing routine to see in hip-hop competition. They ranked first place in the division.  Throughout the rest of the week, everyone knew and loved Elecoldxhot.  So much so, that they grabbed a well-deserved Bronze medal at the World Championships. And everytime I watch this performance, I'm humming the "Can-Can" song for the rest of the day. Congrats guys! From OfficialHHI YouTube.