Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Video: Two hiphop routines on the Top 16 (down to 14) So You Think You Can Dance

The Top 16 So You Think You Can Dance was brutal for animators and hip hop dancers as BluPrint and Mariah were sent home. The hip hop routines of the night were choreographed by Dave Scott with strong compliments for the choreographer and 3 of the dancers. 
First, Malece and Alan had a routine that supposedly involved aliens out to retrieve hiphop from some intergalactic thief (that's one way to explain costume choices):

Next, Makenzie and Paul had a retro 1930s (disguised as 1920s) hiphop routine ostensibly about a photographer trying to get a movie star to act sexy. I wish they'd stop trying to pin concepts to dances and just focus on the skills. Whatever.