Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More ABDC alums performing in Las Vegas: Zoeth (Afroborike) in Peepshow with Coco (Ice loves Coco)

I had heard nothing about the fate of Afroborike members (runners up on America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) until now. Turns out, Zoeth Cardenales has been a member of Las Vegas' Peepshow for the last two years, currently starring with Coco Austen (half of the Ice Loves Coco reality show). ABDC fans can catch up with their favorite alums in shows like Jabbawockeez' PriSM, and Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson ONE (with 787 Crew), as well as crew alums competing at Hip Hop Internatioal in August. 

As she describes in this Las Vegas Sun article, Zoeth performs topless in the show, with roles including Lemonade and the swing for Mutha G. Watch highlights of the show below, if you dare.