Friday, March 8, 2013

Video: Jaja (IaMmE), Knucklehead (Street Kingdom), Willdabeast (Eclectic Gentlemen) Glitch & more - "The Session Ep.2"

Antoine Troupe (member of ABDC's Supreme Soul as well as Triple Threat) has the second installment of his video series. This time, he calls on Jaja Vankova (ABDC Season 6's IaMmE), Knucklehead (member of ABDC Season 6's Street Kingdom), Willdabeast (member of ABDC Season 6's Eclectic Gentlemen), Cyrus 'Glitch' Spencer (runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance), and Jay 'Smooth' Gutierrez for some free-style. From Antoine Troupe Youtube. Thanks Greg!