Sunday, June 24, 2012

DanceHeroJP | Season 3 Episode 2

One of my favorite dance shows of all time is DanceHeroJP. And why wouldn't I like it? Aside from the language barrier (but that's only to read the names of crews written in Japanese, dance is a universal language after all), there are really high caliber crews performing for a solid 2 minutes straight to music of their choice, which pretty much no limitations on genre, artist, and without any challenges they need to do. Just straight up dancing. Plus, crews aren't eliminated throughout the 3 episode season, so that's more dancing to watch!

The second episode of season 3 just went up on Youtube, and thing are looking great. I already covered episode 1 here. Onto episode 2!

All Genre Blenders may be a younger crew like RNG or 8Flavahz, but from the way they dance, you can't tell that. The hits and glides in their popping are some of the strongest I've seen, and the bboying in there is mind boggling.
Area Rock Styler also takes the stage with popping. What's scary is that a crew of their caliber and ability is only ranking 8th this season. Crazy!
Tokyo Beat Surf (embedded below) has one of my top 2 performances of the night. They do a Mario-themed routine. Even if for a majority of the routine there are only 2 members (a Mario and a Luigi), they really took the concepts form the game and used them, while killing hte beat and the sound effects. with grooving, locking and hits. So much Mario Swag. 
Twiggz Fam was my other favorite routine of the night. This Street Kingdom affiliated crew threw in some Strikers all Stars, with a stepping/krump hybrid routine. It's not all acapella though. Wait till the buck music starts, and you'll see why they are currently the top ranked crew in the competition. 
City Tokyo Lights dance to a Chris Brown x Dubstep track. It's pretty decent, though there could be some tightening up, like last time. 
Tokyo Footworkz - This housing crew comes with strong technique once again. The first half of their routine really showcases their athletecism, and then they just go off with the musicality in the second half.
Odorunosuki creates a fantastical world with their dance. The jazzy break is a bit unique, but they worked it well. 
Trick Star brings their signature popping, in what looks like a story of aliens riding the beat in their space ship? It's entertaining, though comparatively static in positioning compared to others. 
LnP continues their Broadway inspired dance with a slower, sexier tempo. Personally not my thing, though I'm sure it will be other's. 
Macho Pirates Opera Company (Nozomi's translation, not mine) brings yet again another... indescribable... routine. Seriously. I haven't been unable to describe a crew like this since probably Team Black Starz. What I can gather is that there's a story about... someone's dead... and their angel dancing... Look the link is embedded above in their name, watch it for yourselves.