Thursday, August 9, 2012

Greg S. field report: what it's like to take a dance workshop with Poreotics

Greg attended Urban Dance Camp last month and was invited by Poreotics to take their dance workshop. Her reports about the experience and shares photos from the week:

When I last left you with a report from Urban Dance Showcase, there was mention of being inspired/arm-twisted into changing plans in order to stay an extra day for the Poreotics workshop. This is the sometimes harrowing but ultimately rewarding story of that experience.

When talking to a few of the fellas after the UDS afterparty, I admitted that it would be great to stay for the workshop. However, having never taken a formal class before, I was worried that the fast pace of learning long choreo in a short time would keep me from keeping up. This definitely proved a reasonable concern - but we'll get to that later.

Back to the afterparty parking lot, Lawrence Devera was very supportive. Against all odds, I was hoping maybe they'd teach their "Cinema/Poreotics mix" routine from last year's showcase, which I've done a thousand times. No such luck, as Lawrence told me earlier that the two classes would cover a couple bits from their 2012 sets.

But with Millie and Brandon from I.aM.mE also urging me to take the plunge, I was well-convinced. Said 747 after I repeated the doubt that I could hang in a first ever workshop: "Pfft. I saw you tearing sh*t up out there tonight."

 Click here to read the rest of the report and to see some of his photos from the week. Thanks Greg!