Friday, July 20, 2012

SYTYCD recaps from all over - predictions, quotes, and snark

Since there are so many recaps for So You Think You Can Dance, I'll only highlight those that show some opinion or extra insight beyond mere description
-- Donna Kauffman predicts that next week will be the last for Janelle and Dareian
-- TV Line gives out awards: Dance of the Night, Caught in a bad Wardrobe, Victim of Uninspired Choreography, Most Backhanded Praise, and more!
-- Television Without Pity wins the snark award for the week in its descriptions
-- Entertainment Weekly talks about the new format and the extreme male makeup
-- Huffington Post admits they know nothing about dance, but they review how they feel. And they feel uneasy that the men's pants were hiked too high.
-- Buddy TV focuses on great quotes, including Amber's "Me and Nick trying to connect is like bubblegum and oil."
--Hitfix likes a lot of the show, including the new compressed format
--Blogher predicts next week's bottom 4 (and who should be in the bottom 4)
-- Reality Nation predicts curtains for Janelle and Brandon next week
-- Rickey thinks America got it wrong, but the judges got it right (with the choices they had)

There are many more recaps, but I chose my favorites. If you have a favorite recapper, leave a comment and we'll look at it and maybe add it in a later post or next week.