Saturday, April 7, 2012

World of Dance LA: TONIGHT!

ABDC Season 7 premiere taping may be tonight, but it's not the only major dance event taking place in California, or even LA, this evening. World of Dance LA is tonight at the LA Convention Center, with doors opening at 1pm, competition at 2pm, and lasting until 11:30pm.

Featured performers include
-Les Twins
-Chachi Gonzalez
-ChiTowns Finest Breakers
-Daniel "Cloud" Campus
-Movement Lifestyle
As well as a long list of competitors/showcases, including favorites Academy of Villains, CADC, GRV, Team Millenia, Academy of Swag, Urban FX, Miniotics, and Emanon. Also, apparently Lil Mama will be heading to WOD sometime during the evening to do a musical performance as well.

If you're not at ABDC auditions, and you're in LA, you better be here. Let us know your impressions of the night here!