Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Hi guys - I know it's been a while. But I've got news that brought me back for anyone in the Philadelphia Area who likes watching dance. The annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival returns with an impressive lineup of films, including some related to hip hop dance specifically.

First up, tonight at 7pm, is the opening night featuring "Among Bboys," a documentary on the tale of the Hmong bboys. Not only does it talk about the social struggles of this particular minority group, it also highlights how the hip hop movement has positively impacted them. Director Chris Woon will be in attendance at the event, which includes a bboy demonstration. 

Next up, we have a film that strikes me as a combination of Step-Up and Planet Bboy. Saigon Electric tells the tale of hip hop dancers in modern-day Saigon. This film actually premiered back in September on the West Coast, with Poreotics and Kaba Modern being guest stars. Click here to check out the interview with Poreotics on why you should watch this film. This will be aired on Friday night at 9pm, with director Stephane Sauger scheduled to attend.

Finally, in the short films showcase Saturday afternoon, anyone who loves ABDC will see some familiar faces. Steve and Hirano from Quest Crew (ABDC3) and Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern (ABDC1), take the three lead roles in "My Name is Seven," a tale of the shy guy learning some dance moves to get the girl from the alpha male. Here are some clips of Steve and Hirano, Yuri, and Marie Poppins cyphering behind the scenes 

Visit the Film Festival's website at [] to find locations and order tickets. I'll definitely be at these events, so hope to see you there!