Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Event: Movement Lifestyle Panel + Private Screening!

If you're in the Hollywood area, this is something you need to check out!

Ever wanted to know more about what it takes to become a choreographer? Here’s your chance to get into the minds of some of ML’s amazing artists! Hosted by Behing the Hustle we bring you Shaun Evaristo, Lyle Beniga, and JekaJane for a first look at Shaun’s Behind the Hustle interview video, his newest concept video, and a Q&A panel with these 3 artists!

The event is FREE but at a limited capacity so please RSVP first! Hope to see you all this Wednesday!

[Wednesday, August 10th]: Movement Lifestyle Studio | 11135 Weddington Street #116 | North Hollywood, CA 91601

[7:30PM - Video Premiere]: Be the first to watch@ShaunEvaristo’s Behind the Hustle Profile feature along with his newest ML Concept Video!

[7:45PM - Q&A Panel]: 30 Minute Q&A Panel with Movement Lifestyle’s: @ShaunEvaristo | @LyleBeniga | @JekaJane | with moderator @TK_Nguyen

Space is limited so please RSVP (first & last name) to info@behindthehustle.com.