Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ninjaboi's Review of the Ke$ha Challenge

Oh hey, it’s Ninjaboi.  No long fancy introduction, except to say that you’re free to have your opinions about the crews just the same as I’m free to mine.  If you’re going to comment, be prepared to back it up because I will debate about it 8P. 

Also, just some credentials: I’m a college student who dances on the side.  I’m a bboy, popper, aspiring locker/houser as well.  I also do traditional Filipino dance and dabble in new style.  I’ve been doing these reviews for 2 seasons, this being the third, and posted a lot last season, enough so that Nancy doesn’t hate me enough that I somehow became a mod? Anyway, I like using math to quantify things, so here’s my numerical review.

Click here to read the review. And, I love most of my readers!