Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 4, Episode 1: Crew's Choice Challenge

About this series: Teldon is going to watch every episode of America's Best Dance Crew to try and see them with a fresh outlook, judging them on their own merits.  He invites you to join him, rewatching and reviewing the shows. Click here to read his criteria and how he is judging the performances. His only request:  "please keep an open mind through out this look back.  You may surprise yourself and learn to enjoy crews you did not like or see one of your favorites in a new light."

So begins Season Four: the "diversity" season.  There were also some unique changes to this season.  Most notably was the time slot change to Sunday nights.  This allowed our Canadian friends to be able to watch the show at the same time as us and vote with us. Sadly, this is the season where DJ Rashida left the show and is the last season where Shane Sparks was a judge.  Also, as an added treat, they added in canned audience reactions so every routine now has cheering from beginning to end.  Many fans have called this the "weakest" season and the worst season out of the five. Sure, it starts slowly, but once it gets going it is really good.  Was the rage over certain crews being passed over to blame for this view, or was this actually that bad?  Time to suit up, tune in and find out. Watch the Crew's Choice Challenge here, then click here to read the Rewatch review. Tomorrow, Teldon reviews ABDC4's Beyonce Challenge.