Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Room Aftermath and mailbox

Hey guys, Ninjaboi here.  Last night's party room was pretty awesome, not only giving us a little bit of a reunion and hype for season 6, but also a bunch of videos that are worth sharing!

-LXD's Illister aka Bboy Cloud shares a video he and the rest of the members of the LXD made in between shoots of the Season 2 finale episodes.  Thanks to Karen Chu for the link!

-Quest Crew member Hok visited Boracay in the Philippines, and did a bit of tutting over there to the song "Derezzed" from Disney's TRON:Legacy.  Thanks to DRAZ for the video.

In other news,
-If you're willing to fly to Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, you could audition to train with a crew who's planning to audition in New York for the next season of ABDC.  Read more here.  
-BGirl the Movie (featuring Beat Freaks member Lady Jules, as well as LXD members Legacy, Richard "Steelo" Vasquez and Ivan "Flipz" Velez) recently won an award at the La Femme Film Festival.  Congratulations!