Sunday, September 5, 2010

DirtfaceX's field stage-side and pool-side report (with video) on Super Cr3w in Atlantic City

Reader DirtfaceX travelled to Atlantic City to catch Super Cr3w's performance. Here's his report:
"I take the 3 hour road trip, drop my mom and tita off at the casino (Borgata), and arrive at Harrah's nightclub at around 11pm.  For anyone who hasn't been there, Harrah's hotel pool area actually gets transformed into a nightclub during after hours.  So if you bring your swimming trunks/bathing suit with you to the club, you can actually go for a swim!  But more on that later...

I arrive there, and the place isn't really poppin' off yet.  It's still a bit early.  I grab myself a drink, and I mingle - make some new friends.  A lot of people there weren't even aware that Super Cr3w was performing, but got excited about it when they saw how excited I was.  The cr3w arrives at around midnight and I approach them.  They were really friendly and I got to say 'wussep' to all of 'em.  I mainly talked to Ronnie and gave them much respect for all that they had accomplished.  I also congratulated them for their upcoming performance at the White House.  Ben then asked, "How did you know about that?" and I threw 'em a plug for bloggingbestdancecrew (aye yay!).  We chatted for another minute or so, then I left them alone to get ready for their performance."

Here's the first part of their performance. Click here to watch the second part and to read the rest of DirtfaceX's report on the performance and his other CLOSE encounters with Super Cr3w that evening. Thanks DirtfaceX!