Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Answer to ABDC Blowup Contest Week 8: Ringmasters!

Time to reveal the mystery blow-up artists from Week 8. Here's the photo we used (and by the way, we NEVER said that the photo label should be used as a clue):

The crew is Ringmasters, Season 3 Week 3 (The Britney Challenge). Here's the full photo:
The clue was "Before America's Best Dance Crew, they WERE the Main Event!" The name of Ringmasters before ABDC was Main Event (sometimes spelled Main Eventt). If you searched BloggingBestDanceCrew.com for the term Main Event and went to the second page of the search, you could find our old posts with the Main Event audition for Season 3. 
Though we had many incorrect responses, we still have 21 people who have gotten all 8 blowups. So tomorrow's picture is in grayscale.You're welcome.