Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mailbox: Quest on dancing, Randy Jackson & Lil Mama on Season 4, Inside Edition

  • talked to Quest about the charity dance event tonight. Favorite quote was from D-Trix:"It won't mean a thing if there's no musicality.. Our guys can slide on their heads and they'll still be on the beat and still dancing."
  • confirms ABDC Season 4, with quotes from Randy Jackson and Lil Mama. Best quote was from Lil Mama (of course!): "Basically, for cloggers to come out for the first time, it's gonna inspire other cloggers and tap dancers to want to come out and actually take it up a notch."
  • Inside Edition's story about Quest was "Trapped in an Elevator". Unfortunately, there's no way to bookmark their teaser -- it hints at 'amazing' moves or other chicanery...I'm guessing cannibalism.